Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Getting Started

Well, I'm not really sure about how this blog thing works but I'm gonna give a try. I have been following a few infertility blogs over the past few months and they have me interested in sharing my story as well. So, this is how it goes.........I have always known that I wanted children one day, so in May 2009 we got serious. We've been married since 2001 and have never "not tried" to have kids. I think 8 years is long enough, now we need to seek professional help. First, we find out that i don't ovulate on my own.....simple enough! I was given clomid at the end of May and it didn't work, so Dr P. upped my!!! We find out we are pregnant!! levels aren't doubling like they should and we miscarry. We try clomid 2 more times and i don't ovulate either time. Dr. P. decides to try a different medicine....Femara. We did Femara in November and it works!! We are pregnant again.....only to miscarry again!! Ugh! This is so frustrating! So I decide I need a break! We want to wait a couple of cycles and give it another shot. I have my first cycle in March, since my d&c in January, and we want to wait 1 more cycle......well aunt flo never showed! I took a preganancy test just to make sure before we induce a cycle, but there's no way I'm preggo because I don't ovulate on my own, right? Wrong!! It was positive!! We are ecstatic!! This is "The one" since my body did it all by itself. Wrong again!! Another miscarriage!! OMG!! What in the world is going on?!?! We will find out in June, I hope! Dr P. set me up with a specialist in Mobile, AL to see what if they can figure out why we are having recurrent miscarriages. Hopefully we will have some answers soon!!