Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Few Updates

I have been such a terrible blogger lately! I haven't had a chance to give any updates. So, here it goes:

*Surgery went good! He removed some mild Endo and my right tube is blocked! He says he doesn't understand why it's blocked, but it is...oh well. My uterus looks good, nothing crazy looking in there!! Woo-Hoo!! He did a D&C as well. He did say that I had some inflammation on the lining of my uterus and gave me some Doxycycline to take.
* I talked to my RE in Mobile and we are shooting for a January "Timeline Appointment" and a February retrieval and transfer!! I can't wait!! I have to admit though, I am S-C-A-R-E-D of PIO's!! I just don't like to depend on somebody else to give me a shot, but I will do whatever it takes!!
* I have half of my medicine. I only had enough money to cover half right now and when I get my reimbursement check from the insurance company I will order the other half. Last time the meds were $2003.00....this time they are $3900.00! Whew! Thank goodness I get reimbursed! I am very fortunate that I have good insurance!!