Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday's appointment update

My appointment on Monday went really well! We got to Mobile Sunday night around 10pm and checked in to the hotel. We got up Monday morning, had breakfast and headed to the doctors office. When we got there, they sent me across the street for an ultrasound and everything looked fine. Then we talked to the doctor and he wanted to do a Hysteroscopy because it had been about 6 months since my last one. Boy was that uncomfortable!! OUCH!!  It was going good until they injected the saline in! But, he said my uterus looked good and everything looked normal. After the hysteroscopy, they took some blood from Erick and myself and then they gave us the 30 pages of paperwork to look over and sign. Holy Moly! As of tomorrow, we will OFFICIALLY be in our first IVF cycle! WOO!! I start the birth control pills tomorrow and then I'll do a Lupron shot, then Menopur, retrieval and transfer!! The only thing that could possibly cancel our cycle is if my doctors wife gets any worse. As I mentioned before, she has cancer. She was in Houston, TX a couple of weeks ago but now she's back in Mobile. From what I understand, she's in the end stage of leukemia. It is so sad! He is such a nice guy and was so professional when we talked to him Monday. He was smiling and laughing with the staff, you would never know that his wife is ill. I told my husband that he is truly dedicated to his patients to be at the office when he should be with his wife. I don't think he was there very long that day, his nurse practitioner told us that she hand picked his patients for Monday and we were one of the lucky 5 that she picked! I felt so special!

I will keep this blog updated through our journey but, it will be pretty boring for the next 21 days only having to take a birth control pill everyday. I am excited and nervous for us! I just pray that it will work like we hope it will!! God is good......all the time!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mobile bound tomorrow night and a much needed update

I am WAY past due for an update! In my last post, my cycle was a complete disaster. It has finally decided to cooperate, thank goodness!! I started the BCP again and was supposed to have my timeline appointment on February 21, well........the clinic canceled my appointment because my doctor's wife is not in good health and he would be out of town with her. They rescheduled it for the following Monday. They canceled it again! By this point, I'm on day 15 and would need to start my lupron injections on day 22. My RE called me and told me she was sorry but I would need to finish my pack of birth control, have a period and start them again. *sigh* I completely understand that he needs to be with his wife but, I have to say that I was disappointed to have to start the pills all over again. They're not saying exactly what is wrong with her but, he has been in Houston, TX with her so I'm assuming she has cancer. We are finally going for an appointment this Monday, the 14th. I am so excited!!! I finished my pack of birth control yesterday so, I'm anxious to start this cycle. I just really hope we can go through the entire process this time! That will be something we discuss on Monday. I don't want to change doctors but, I don't want to wait another year to do this either. We already have our medicine and it won't last forever. I am curious, though, if we do change doctors will the new doctor want to start all over again and do new tests or anything??  If any of you have had to experience this I would love to hear your opinion!!

Well, that's my update for now. I will be sure to update after our Monday appointment!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!