Friday, July 16, 2010

Update on...........well.............EVERYTHING!!

Well let me start off by saying.....HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Update on little Emma Grace: She went home from the hospital yesterday!! Woo-hoo!! She had Group B Strep infection(I think that's how they said it). She had to be on antibiotics for 14 days and she finished them up yesterday. She is doing much better! Thank goodness! Her parents were SO glad to finally go home! I'm sure they all slept better last night.

Update on Me: My WONDERFUL brother-in-law(not the one that just had the baby, but my husband's oldest brother) decided to send us $2500.00 so that we can start our treatment!!! YAY!!! So, I talked to the nurse in Mobile last Friday and she said for us to go ahead and order the medicine so that we'll have it for when i start my next cycle. Today I'm on we won't really need them for another couple of weeks, but I wanted to get them here and read up on how to do everything.  Originally, we were gonna wait until my husband graduated from college in December but since my brother-in-law wanted to send us the money, we decided to go ahead with the process. Also, when i had my appt in Mobile in June, the nurse wanted my husband to have a SA before we started any treatments and wanted us to do IUI, but he cant have that done until he is in between semesters and I will be in the middle of my cycle by that's why she said we could go ahead this next cycle. We won't do IUI this time, but if we have to do another month of treatments then we will do IUI. He will have his SA on August 13. But hopefully we won't need another month!! I hope it works the first time(but of course, doesn't everybody?) 
I ordered the meds on Wednesday and they were here Thursday morning!!! I can't wait to get started. Although, I've heard that the Menopur burns. If anyone has suggestions on this medicine PLEASE tell me....I'm open to hear anything you have to say!! Thank you!!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Prayers for little Emma Grace

Yesterday my brother-in-law & sister-in-law had a precious little girl, Emma Grace. She weighed 6lbs 3oz. When she was born she had a fever of 102.2 and a couple of hours later her oxygen levels started dropping. They gave her oxygen for about 10 hours and took her off this morning. She is now breathing 100%  on her own without oxygen and her fever is gone. Thank you Lord! But, she has an infection and will stay in the hospital for atleast 10 days and she's on 2 different antibiotics. They don't know for sure what kind of infection she has, but they should know in a couple of days(they are growing cultures).  Please keep sweet little Emma in your prayers.

I hope you all have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A day of silence for Cohen

June 7, 2010-June 18, 2010

What: Moment of silence for Cohen

When: Thursday July 1st from midnight to 11:59pm

How: bloggers participating will post the Cohen banner or simply post Cohen's name in large letters on their blog.

Why: July 1st Megan and Brent will be holding Cohen's memorial service. The moment of silence is an opportunity for Megan's blog community to stand behind her and support her on this difficult day. Linking up will give Megan a chance to the support at a glance. 

Participating bloggers can Link Up on July 1st at  Send love to Cohen