Friday, May 6, 2011

Egg Retrieval

We got to the clinic at 7:30 this morning for the egg retrieval. We changed in to our suites while they were preparing the room for us. The nurse came in and tried starting an IV. I'm usually very easy to get an IV started, but for some reason my veins did not want to cooperate today. After 8 sticks and 3 nurses they finally got it started!! Thank goodness everything went pretty smooth after that! The procedure itself was pretty much painless. A little uncomfortable, but nothing major. The drugs they gave me was good stuff! HA!

They told me they retrieved 4 eggs. Not the number I was hoping for, but it only takes 1 right?? He said all 4 were mature. I'm hoping for a good report tomorrow!!

I'm pretty sore and bloated. I'm hoping to feel a little better tomorrow. I will update tomorrow when I hear from the nurse.

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