Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cycle Day 41!!??

Yep! That's right!! Today is CD 41! I have taken a GAZILLION pregnancy tests, of course they're all negative. I've had some dull cramps like, maybe, ol' Aunt Flow was about to make her appearance, but nothing. Nada. *sigh* We have an appointment in Mobile on Monday so maybe they can tell us what is going on. We'll be talking about our next IVF cycle as well. I really wish we could do another one right now, but I know it would be best to wait until Erick has some more vacation time.

** Happy Thursday everyone**
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Rachel said...

I had this happen too. They found my uterus was "fluffy" and that I needed to take progesterone to bring on an "effective" period before I started my IVF cycle...